• Sonali solves the plastic pollution problem with biobased and biodegradable environmentally friendly products. 
  • We started in a lab, designed our products, created prototypes, and now are at the commercialization stage. 
  • We work B2B and our customers include: packaging companies, grocery stores, pharmaceutical companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, retail stores, the food industry, construction companies, plastic manufacturers, the ready made garments industry, and more!
  • Products in our portfolio include: packaging, shopping bags, adhesives, granules for plastic molding machines, insulation, bottles, and more!
  • We use plants to create our products. 3 different plants form our main raw materials or feedstock. 
  • Being biobased, farmers are vital to our core mission. We invest in and work with farmers to promote eco-friendly farming.
  • 2021 is an exciting year for us so, stay tuned for more soon!