About Us

A Climate Tech Initiative

Sonali Bioplastics takes a sustainable development approach toward solving plastic pollution problems. We make biobased and biodegradable products and promote eco-friendly farming. 

Our planet must minimize the use of petroleum-based plastics and utilize renewable resources: solar, wind, biomass, and biobased materials.

We must reduce our carbon footprint and work toward a carbon negative environment. To be CO2 negative, Sonali Bioplastics makes biobased and biodegradable products.


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Sustainable Cities

Carbon Negative

Recycle Reuse

Clean Oceans

Climate Action Needed

Sonali Bioplastics Corporation evolved in 2019 as a climate tech initiative. Our CEO founded Saaze Corporation in 2006 in San Jose, California. Saaze is in the renewable and cleantech space. It started with a simple vision to serve the community and soon expanded to add products and services on a global scale.

Our team of experienced startup entrepreneurs and scientists are passionate about the environment and committed to improving it through renewable solutions.

Our product story – the short version: we started in a small lab, shifted to a bigger lab, designed our products, created prototypes, and now are at the commercialization stage. 

We adhere to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for a healthier planet. Goals we primarily focus on are: 5, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15. 

We support the Renewable Carbon Initiative and were among the first to join them. Sustainable solutions are needed to solve our planet’s plastic pollution problems.