About Us

Our Approach

Taking a sustainable development approach toward solving plastic problems. We manufacture biobased environmentally friendly bioplastics products and promote eco-friendly farming.

Sonali Bioplastics Corporation evolved in 2019 from Saaze Corporation, a company which provides renewable energy and bioplastics products and services. Saaze was established in the San Francisco Bay Area in California in 2006. We started with a simple vision to serve the community and soon expanded to add products and services on a global scale. 

Our mission is to solve environmental challenges facing our global community. We welcome partner companies who share the same vision!

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Green Planet

Reduce CO2

Reuse Recycle


Nature Breathes Again

Our planet must minimize the use of petroleum-based plastics and utilize renewable resources: solar, wind, biomass, and biobased materials.

We must reduce our carbon footprint and work toward a carbon negative environment. To be CO2 negative, Sonali Bioplastics creates biobased and biodegradable products.

Our team of experienced startup entrepreneurs and scientists are committed to improving our environment through bioplastics and renewable solutions.

Sustainable solutions are needed to solve our planet’s plastic pollution problems. We are committed to adhering to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a healthier planet!