EU Report on Challenges to Humanity

“Caring for soil is caring for life”: the interim report of the Mission Soil health and food of the European Commission has been published

On June 25, 2020, the European Commission published the intermediate reports of the five Missions identified in 2019 to address the main challenges of humanity : soil and food health, cancer, climate change, healthy oceans and climatically neutral cities.
Catia Bastioli , Novamont CEO is a member of the ” Mission Soil health and food “, the mission aimed at increasing citizens’ awareness of the importance of healthy soil .
As stated in the interim report ” Caring for soil is caring for life“The soil in fact performs a series of vital functions and offers” public goods “which are not treated and recognized from a legal point of view, but which are instead indispensable, such as the supply of healthy food and clean water, the maintenance of biodiversity, the nutrient cycle and the adaptation and mitigation action of climate change.
Our lives therefore depend on soils, which besides being non-renewable resources, are increasingly fragile ecosystems and threatened by a series of problems, such as unsustainable management, urbanization and climate change.
The Missions were established by Carlos Moedas, former European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, with the aim of giving strong visibility and having an impact on society and on policy making through science and technology , with ambitious and measurable objectives, and to provide effective solutions in achieving EU priorities such as the European Green Deal and sustainable development objectives.

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